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Monthly Luncheons

Our SLO Newcomers luncheons are held at various locations in the area on the first Wednesday of the month. We remind everyone that all luncheon reservations are first come, first served and often space is limited. This club year the luncheon costs will be passed onto the members. Therefore each luncheon cost will vary and PayPal is updated as soon as possible. Checks/PayPal must be received by the Monday nine days prior to the Luncheon Date. It is encouraged to use PayPal as the mail can often not reach us in time or is delayed and capacity may be reached prior to due date. 

Due to the varied luncheon costs, there will be no refunds for cancellations received after the Monday nine days prior to the luncheon date.  If you do not receive a confirmation email by the Thursday prior to the luncheon, (please check your junk mail) contact

      June Luncheon Flyer

We remind everyone that each luncheon has a limited number of seats. We encourage everyone to use PayPal as the mail is often delayed. We make every attempt to update the following month luncheon information on PayPal and flyer in the evening on the first Wednesday of each month Please be courteous when waiting to hear if you are confirmed for the luncheon.

General meetings (luncheons) begin with a social hour from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m., followed by announcements and lunch. There is always a vegetarian option. (Note vegetarian in the memo of the check or in PayPal). 


During dessert, we are entertained with programs that are educational, fun, informative and interesting.


You are welcome to attend a luncheon before joining.


Email: for more questions  regarding luncheons.


Payment due Monday, nine days prior to the luncheon.  Mail your check for the amount of the luncheon to:

SLO Newcomers Club

PO Box 4647

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-4647


Alternatively, use PayPal below (includes $1 processing fee).

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